Shasta Himelrick’s Body Found? Object Found In Water After Boyfriend Questioned In Disappearance

The search for Shasta Himelrick has intensified, but cold weather and short daytime hours have hindered what could possibly be the discovery of the missing woman’s body. ABC News 6 reports that an object was found under the surface of the Scioto River, which was combed by diving crews on Wednesday. Officials are not sure of what the object may be — whether it’s a body or some other debris — but it’s been reported that cadaver dogs have “hit” on a scent not far from the discovery.

Shortly before this discovery, the man who revealed himself to be Shasta’s boyfriend was released on bond after he was arrested on charges unrelated to the woman’s disappearance. Michael Owes was reportedly arrested on warrants associated with driving on a suspended license, but officials have confirmed that he was questioned in the disappearance of the missing woman — who has now been missing for approximately eight days.

Meanwhile, Owes has become the target of scrutiny on social media. The missing woman’s family has publicly declared that he has not helped in the search for her, and has even participated in discussion regarding him as a potential suspect on the Bring Shasta Home Facebook Page.

The missing woman’s loved ones have also expressed outrage toward the Ross County Sheriff’s Office, which is overseeing the search for the missing woman. In a heated Facebook post, they accused the police of not handling the search as thoroughly as they could be handling it.

Officially, the search for Shasta Himelrick is over until Saturday, but with the recent discovery of the object in the water, they may be back before Saturday in an attempt to retrieve it. After all, this object could be the body of the missing woman, and it wouldn’t make sense for officials to delay retrieving it. On the other hand, the water in the river has been too high due to the weather, which has caused them to put off more diving until the weekend.

Shasta Himelrick vanished on Christmas, shortly after revealing to her loved ones that she was pregnant. After she was reported missing, her car was found abandoned. WFMJ News reports that the car was out of gas and had a dead battery. It’s also been revealed by the missing woman’s family that blood was found on the seat and the headrest in her car. Himelrick was described as being “happy” in the days leading up to her mysterious disappearance, and her loved ones can’t figure out why she may have disappeared. Even though she had recently been arrested on drug-related charges, she had been otherwise determined to move forward in life, and she was excited about being pregnant. It’s because of these facts that her loved ones are worried about her. Her grandmother told the Huffington Post that she wouldn’t have disappeared on her own.

[Photo credit: Ross County Sheriff/Shasta Himelrick]

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