TSA Tip #27: Cupcakes Can By Considered a Security Threat

Today is one of the busiest travel days of the year. Millions of people will be taking planes, trains, and automobiles around the country to see family on Christmas Eve. If you’re one of those lucky people flying through the sky today, you should know a few things to help you get through security without a hassle. Things like: Cupcakes can be considered a security threat.

A woman flying back home from Las Vegas yesterday had her cupcake confiscated by the TSA because it was deemed to be a security threat.

Rebecca Hains, a 35-year-old communications professor at Salem State University, was traveling through security when a TSA official approached her about her dangerous treat. Hains said that the official didn’t seem worried that the cupcake could actually be dangerous, but said that the frosting could be considered a gel-like substance which is banned from travel.

Hains told the AP:

“I just thought this was terrible logic.”

There have been several controversial incidents involving the TSA over the last few years. In June, a TSA official made an elderly passenger remove her adult diaper, officials were accused of racial profiling when they started screening people with afros, and there have been several accusations of groping and sexual harassment against TSA officials. But the TSA continues to function like it always has.

But now they’re messing with out cupcakes. This injustice will not stand.

Hains said:

“It’s not really about the cupcake; I can get another cupcake. It’s about an encroachment on civil liberties. We’re just building up a resistance and tolerance to all these things they’re doing in the name of security, when it’s really theater. It is not keeping us safe.”

Are you traveling this holiday season? Are you prepared to give up your cupcakes?

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