Chris Brown, Rihanna Drama Ignites As Troubled Singer Cancels NYE Performance

Chelsea Hoffman

Chris Brown recently dissed Rihanna when he reportedly told his on-again, off-again love Karrueche Tran that the Stupid in Love singer was "nothing" compared to her. Now, Hollywood Life reports on RiRi's feelings since Brown has publicly revealed that she doesn't measure up to Tran in his eyes. Do you think the one-time love of his life is heartbroken over the apparent diss? While drama has erupted among gossip bloggers and fans of the two R&B singers, it's being reported that Rihanna couldn't care less. That's interesting, but is it believable?

Hollywood Life claims to have the inside scoop on Rihanna's reaction, citing an anonymous source. This anonymous source reportedly claims that RiRi truly doesn't care about Brown's latest comments.

"Rihanna isn't paying any attention to Chris. Look, if that's what it takes for him to make his girlfriend, Karrueche, feel some type of way, by all means, he should go for it. Rihanna doesn't care if Chris uses her if it helps make him happy."
"Rihanna has put her feelings for Chris behind her. He doesn't have the same effect on her that he used to have. She doesn't have any feelings for him. She just hopes he's happy and can hopefully treat Karrueche right. Rihanna has said time and time again, she's so lucky she's not a part of his world, his bulls**t, and all that drama that came with it. Better luck to the woman he's now with because Rihanna doesn't care about Chris anymore."

If Rihanna is truly "over" Chris Brown, then it's about time. She wasn't over him even after he brutally assaulted her in 2008, leaving her face almost unrecognizable. She even wasn't over him as recently as last summer when they apparently tried to give their relationship another go. Depending on what gossip rag you read, Rihanna is either the third wheel in Brown and Tran's relationship, or Tran is the third wheel in Brown and Rihanna's epic relationship drama. Could any of this simply be because Chris is fickle or are all these gossip blogs simply wrong?

All of this relationship drama has to be tiring for Brown, who is having other troubles on New Years Eve. Hollywood Life reveals that he has had to cancel a performance that was set to take place in The Philippines -- on account that he had lost his passport. Hopefully his fans in Manila will forgive him as unconditionally as Karrueche and Rihanna have forgiven him time and time again.

[Photo credit: Chris Brown Instagram]