Ferguson Protesters Serve Eviction Notice On Metro Police

Ferguson protesters filled the Metro Police station Wednesday and served an “eviction notice” on the department. According to the eviction notice, protesters are kicking police out of power due to a number of infractions, including a lack of transparency in operations, police brutality, and mass incarceration of black and brown citizens.

The Ferguson protesters reportedly entered the police station to take it over and shut it down. “Shut it down” has been a rallying cry among the protesters who have swarmed (and shut down) malls, department stores, intersections, and sections of highways. In Wednesday’s shutdown, though, the Ferguson protesters had a prepared statement for police, in the form of an eviction notice.

The eviction notice, addressed to “Chief Sam Dotson and all other occupiers of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Force,” reads,

We are informing you that the police department is scheduled to be reclaimed by its citizens today, December 31, 2014. You are hereby scheduled to be removed from power for the following reasons:
-Perpetrating police brutality on our citizenry
-Transforming the police force into a militarized occupying force -Being complicit in mass incarceration of black and brown citizens
-Failing to terminate police officers who violate civil rights including the most important right — the right to life
-Failing to be transparent in police involved shootings
-Failing to train officers in cultural diversity and hiring a police department that is reflective of the community
-Failing to train officers on deescalation of citizens in mental crisis
-Failing to create a whistleblower program that protects officers who want to report corruption
-Imposing blight on our communities under the guise of protecting and serving

Ferguson protesters have complained throughout protests of police not wearing badges. Officers in Ferguson were ordered by the Justice Department to wear badges back in September, according to the St. Louis Fox affiliate, but during the serving of the “eviction notice,” protesters complained that police were badge-free.

The Ferguson protesters tried to push their way into the police department, according to protesters present, and police pushed back, eventually arresting many of the protesters.

The Ferguson protesters have vowed that protests won’t end until they see a change in how police interact with their communities.

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