Muslim Father Tortures And Brutally Murders 10-Year-Old Daughter, You’ll Never Guess Why

A Muslim father recently admitted to the gruesome murder of his 10-year-old daughter. Then, to make matters worse, his reason for killing her has sparked quite a controversy. Apparently, the 10-year-old child confessed to committing adultery. The child was killed for bringing dishonor to the family. Honor killing in which a father slays his daughter is unfortunately one of the most common types of killings under Sharia law.

According to Gulf News, law enforcement officials recently spoke with a local news outlet about the horrific crime. Director of Dhamar’s Criminal Investigation Department, Colonel Mohammad Qassem Al Hadi released a statement in reference to the murder with brief details about the investigation. Al Hadi revealed that there was a video on the father’s cell phone.

“We found a video clip in his mobile phone asking his daughter to confess to her mistake. The girl was bleeding and crying,” he said. “The father divorced his wife six years ago. He has two daughters and usually spends time moving from one country to another.”

During the interrogation, the Muslim father reportedly admitted that he’d used different methods of torture before his daughter confessed. She revealed she’d had sexual intercourse with a man. Then, he admitted to beating her again. However, that’s not all. He also shot her four times and threw her body off of a cliff near the Samara Mountains.

The photo of the dead girl has begun to circulate on a number of social media networks. Of course, many are outraged that the picture was even released to the public. But what’s more surprising is the argument about the reason behind the child’s death. Many readers were undoubtedly appalled by the man’s actions, and argued that what happened between the child and the man should be considered rape as opposed to adultery. But, there were other readers who actually justified the Muslim father’s “honor killing” with religious references.

“May she rest in peace now. This poor soul should not have been gone through this. However, some sick bastard, decided she had an affair at age 10 and killed her for it. what does a 10 year olds know about having sex any ways?! Perhaps he, himself raped her and then pinned it on her to confess of having affair with another man. What a shame that in to day’s world, we still experience such nonsense as honor killing while all those pedophiles are at large. Any one who does that to their own child, deserves to be cut to pieces slowly and painfully. They need to feel the pain they have caused to an innocent soul. I hope the judge does not only sentence him to death. I hope he will be tortured the way he tortured this poor unfortunate girl.”

why is everyone attacking this guy? his actions are in accordance with koranic law. if you’re going to attack something, start with the koran and its satanic cult of islam.

How do you feel about the Muslim father’s decision to kill his daughter for religious reasons? Share your thoughts.

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