December 31, 2014
Sonni Pacheco Makes Some Unusual Demands In Her Divorce From Jeremy Renner

Sonni Pacheco has been married to Jeremy Renner for just ten months, but now the couple is calling it quits. According to their divorce papers, Pacheco states the end of their marriage is due to "irreconcilable differences," but it appears there's quite a bit more to that story.

In court papers obtained by TMZ, Pacheco is "demanding he [Renner] return her stolen passport, birth certificate and SS card." But wait, there's more.

Pacheco also wants to use the couple's Range Rover and to have Renner pay her rent until the situation calms down. Oh yeah, and then she wants him to pay the moving expenses when she is ready to leave their shared home in California.

Pacheco is also asking for full custody of the couple's daughter, Ava Berlin, which would really hurt Renner. He's been quoted as saying that having his daughter made him realize what "real love is" and that being away from her makes him "miserable."

And on top of all of that, Pacheco is asking for spousal support.

In the divorce papers, Pacheco admits that there is a pre-nuptial agreement but states that it should be disregarded because it is a "fraud." As of now, it is unclear what makes the papers fraudulent in her opinion, but it's certain we'll find out in the coming months in what looks to be a nasty divorce.

Despite all her demands, Pacheco spoke with the Daily Mail about her divorce.

When asked to comment, Pacheco said, "Everything is fine."

And then her only response when asked if she thought the divorce proceedings would go smoothly was, "Yep."

That's hard to believe with some of the demands the Canadian model is making right now. The 23-year-old Pacheco is said to have first met Renner on the set of Mission: Impossible -- Ghost Protocol where she was working as a stand-in back in 2010.

Originally from British Columbia, Pacheco had been working as a lingerie model and a spokeswoman for Monster Energy Drinks. Pacheco then moved onto acting, having small roles in American Pie Presents: The Book of Love, which went straight to DVD and also had a role in 2012's The Wingman.

The couple got married secretly, but Renner didn't admit to it until this past September. Renner had said the reason it was kept secret was because he wanted to protect his "family's privacy" and more specifically, his "wife's privacy."

As seen on Hollywood Life, Pacheco almost split once with Renner before the birth of their baby but ended up sticking around -- until now that is. It was a short marriage, but it looks like it might be a long divorce for Sonni Pacheco and Jeremy Renner.

[Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia]