Meter Reader Joins Lawsuit Crusade Against Casey Anthony

ORLANDO, Florida – Roy Kronk, the meter reader who discovered the remains of 2-year-old Caylee Anthony, is now suing Casey Anthony for defamation.

Kronk’s attorney is saying that Casey Anthony’s defense team made several false statements about him during the trial, including several uncomfortable and thinly-veiled suggestions that it was Kronk himself who killed Caylee Anthony. Kronk is seeking a jury trial, and $15,000 in damages.

The aloof Casey Anthony, who was acquitted in August of murdering her daughter, has been hardly seen nor heard from since her release. Kronk’s lawsuit isn’t the only one pending against Anthony either; Zenaida Gonzalez, whose name just-so-happens to match Anthony’s imaginary nanny antagonist whom she blames for kidnapping Caylee is suing. Texas EquuSearch, a volunteer organization that spent $110,000 in multiple searches for Caylee’s body, also wants a piece of the pie.

During the trial, Kronk’s testimony, as well as that of his son, were suspicious, to put it delicately. Though he arrived in court as a Good Samaritan, his son’s testimony suggested that Kronk withheld information about Caylee’s whereabouts in order to claim reward money. Jose Baez, the lead attorney on Casey Anthony’s defense team, was trying to point the finger anywhere else possible, and did indeed make several comments that found him uncomfortably close to being held in contempt of court. It’s no stretch of the imagination that Kronk would be upset by a scourging of his person on national television, but here he is again. Looking for money.

For many of us, the Casey Anthony thing is just yesterday’s news. Some think she’s innocent, others just don’t want to talk about it. Despite her recent silence since acquittal, controversy surrounding Casey Anthony will continue to crop up. We’re in for another O.J. here, folks. And we all remember what ultimately happened to him.

Tired of hearing about Casey Anthony? Will financially bleeding her dry count as some form of justice in your eyes? Let us know down below.

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