Taco Bell App Hits 1.4M Downloads, Free Doritos Locos Tacos On Offer

Here’s some seriously good news for taco fans as we all head into an exciting and brand new year. The Taco Bell app for iOS and Android has recently achieved a massive 1.4 million downloads on iTunes and Google Play, and now the popular fast food outlet will be offering around one million tasty free tacos to celebrate.

The Taco Bell mobile app was introduced in both iOS and Android stores in late October this year and it has certainly taken off for fans of the tasty, gooey and cheesy delight.

According to a recent news release from the company, the #Onlyintheapp offer, as it is dubbed, will apply to any purchase made through the mobile order and pay app during the month of January 2015.

#Onlyintheapp gives fans one free Doritos Tacos Locos (DLT) for every mobile order and this applies up to one million orders (or as long as supplies last). Not bad at all. Of course, even where there are a million orders on offer, that can run out fast for taco fans, so probably best to get going and order soon after the stroke of midnight tonight.

According to QSR Web, the great offer will also apparently be featured in a new TV ad for Taco Bell, which will highlight the benefits of mobile ordering and payment through the “Millions of Combinations” selection. This TV spot will air on ESPN during the College Football Playoff on January 1.

It seems there are quite a few #Onlyintheapp offerings at Taco Bell besides the DLT, including $1 Freezes and the chance to access new products earlier than normal.

Bustle reckons that besides the many app downloads, Taco Bell has reached some other impressively high numbers. As at December 11, the popular chain has sold an impressive one billion Doritos dusted tacos. Now that is a lot of fast food.

Anyone interested in partaking of the free Doritos Tacos Locos offer can download the app directly, and then get straight into ordering, from Taco Bell’s own official website.

In other Taco Bell related news, Inquisitr notes that the company has commented on a commercial, featuring a gay couple cuddling and enjoying the delight of Taco Bell food, which has recently gone viral. While the company says they didn’t actually create the commercial, they do, apparently, like it.

[Image: Courtesy Taco Bell]

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