UPS Driver Throws Package, Flips Off Security Camera

James Johnson

It's been less than a week since we reported about the world's worst Fedex Driver who threw a flat screen TV over a customer's fence and now we bring you an equally bad video from a driver at UPS.

This time the driver not only throws a box onto a customer's front porch, he actually sees the customer's installed security camera and flips it off before he throws the box onto the porch with no care for the merchandise that might be inside.

When first questioned about the driver's misstep UPS said they hadn't seen the video but acknowledged that they would look into the situation and take "appropriate" action with the driver.

Here's the video showcasing the driver's complete lack of respect for the customer's package:

[iframe src="" width="420" height="315"]

We're just hoping that box didn't include a puppy sent from a grandma to her children.

Do you think this is an act of a copycat delivery guy looking for attention or is the delivery industry full of idiot drivers?