77 Percent Of American’s Believe In Angels [Polling]

With Christmas just two day’s away a new Associated Press-GfK poll reveals that an overwhelming majority of Americans believe in Angels, 77 percent of adults to be exact.

The survey did find that the belief in Angels is deeply rooted in Christian belief with 95 percent of evangelical Christians saying they belief in angels while 94 percent of those who attend weekly religious services of any sort said they also believed.

The study also found that even the “less religious” of people tend to believe on a fairly large scale, for example 4 in 10 people who never attend religious services say they believe angels exist.

The study also found that women believe in angels more than men while that belief increases in people 30 years and older.

The polling comes close to a similar AP-AOL poll in 2006 which found that 81 percent of Americans believe in angels. Throw in a standard deviation for error and the polls appear to show a consistent trend in the number of Angel believe folks.

In another poll that examined a belief in god that number among Gallup pollsters was even higher at 92 percent.

Harder to buy into was an AP-Ipsos poll in 2007 that found just 34 percent of people believed in ghosts and UFOs.

This most recent angel belief poll was conducted from Dec. 8-12 and involved 1,000 adults nationally with a 4 percent margin of error.

Now take our unofficial poll and use our comments sections to tell us if you believe in the exists of god, angeles, UFOs or ghosts, perhaps even all the above.

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