Florida Couple Arrested After Trapped In Closet For Two Days — Could Have Just Walked Out As Door Locked From Inside

A Florida couple has been arrested and charged with trespassing after they were found trapped in a closet for two days at Daytona State College. They claimed to be trapped in there, but the door actually locked from the inside and they were able to walk out of there at anytime and just leave freely.

According to WESH, the police ended up searching an entire building on the Daytona State College campus after receiving a call of distress from a man about his son. The man stated that his son was trapped in a closet at the school and had been locked in there for a full two days.

Police had been led to the college campus by pings on a cellphone, per WFTV. Upon arrival, the couple — John Arwood (31) and Amber Campbell (25) — was found in the closet in the science building.

It was unknown as to why they were in there in the first place.

In an odd twist, the police state that the couple could have just gotten out of the closet at any time. The door locked from the inside so they simply could have walked out on their own.

Detectives did notice the scent of meth when the two trapped in the closet exited. An object that is commonly used to smoke crack was also found in their possession.

Both were taken to the Volusia County Jail and booked with trespassing while Campbell was also charged with violation of probation.

trapped in closet Daytona State College

After the story broke, the comments began trickling out on Facebook and other forms of social media because the situation is one that is quite confusing.

trapped in closet Daytona State College

Many are still confused to a number of things in the case of the Florida couple trapped in the closet. They aren’t entirely sure as to how they came to be trapped in the closet or why they were ever at Daytona State College in the first place.

The couple did reportedly tell police that they ended up in the closet because they had been chased onto the campus by unknown suspects. By Tuesday evening, the police still had not found out anything about those suspects.

The arrest was the fourth for Arwood, after multiple arrests for driving with a suspended license among other charges.

Campbell received her second booking in Volusia County following charges from 2013 that included aggravated battery of a law enforcement officer with a firearm, escape, resisting an officer with violence, and giving a false name at the time of her arrest.

The couple that was trapped in the closet at Daytona State College is being held at the Volusia County Jail.

[Image via WESH / Volusia County Sheriff’s Office]

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