Gay Robot Heckles Michele Bachmann in Iowa [Video]

Michele Bachmann’s stance on gay rights has drawn its fair share of protesters. At a political stop at the The Hamburg Inn in Iowa City, about a dozen protesters, and one gay robot, showed up to confront the GOP candidate about gay rights.

According to the NY Daily News, the protesters chanted:

“You’re not wanted here. So go, just go.”

While the robot added:

“I am a gay robot. I oppose Bachmann’s position on gays, whether they are human or robot.”

The protesters, and the hecklers, weren’t appreciated at The Hamburg Inn. The restaurant’s manager played Christmas music in an attempt to drowned out the protesters, and eventually Bachmann fans booed the gay robot out of the room.

Here’s a video of the gay robot trying to voice his opinion to Michele Bachmann.

Bachmann is currently trying to visit all 99 counties in Iowa. She plans to visit 10 more today before taking a brief break for Christmas.

Jezebel believes that the gay robot, apparently called roboprof, is the same gay robot that heckled Bill Clinton a few years ago. That mechanical protester turned out to be Kembrew McLeod, a communications professor at the University of Iowa.

Do you think Bachmann should stand up for robot gay rights? Or was the gay robot a little annoying?

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