Bill Cosby: Ahmad Rashad ‘Messed Up That Thing’ With Phylicia Rashad, Got Her Pregnant So I Couldn’t Touch Her On ‘The Cosby Show’ [Video]

A new video interview just released from News One Now showing Bill Cosby talking about Phylicia Rashad and her ex-husband, Ahmad Rashad, in ways that make Cosby sound like he is talking about his real-life wife instead of his Cosby Show wife is getting lots of buzz on websites like the Grio. Already the creepy way Bill Cosby leans forward and begins whispering as he tells reporter Roland Martin that Cosby is about to tell him something that his audience doesn’t know about Cosby’s relationship with Phylicia Rashad has garnered the video of Cosby more than 5,400 Facebook likes in the five hours since the article was published.

“Ahmad Rashad messed up that thing when he married [Phylicia Rashad]. I didn’t mind, but then she got pregnant, and I didn’t want Cliff and Claire to have another kid. So we had to hide her body, which took me away from — took Cliff away from — touching her and playing with her because I didn’t want the audience to see that.”

Bill Cosby goes on to creepily whisper to Martin about how Phylicia Rashad going off to have her baby changed his feelings for her when she returned, and the odd manner in which Cosby talks about his TV wife are causing articles with titles like “These Bill Cosby Comments About Phylicia Rashad Are Kind of Strange” to appear across the web — that one via Vibe.

“And so when that season was over and she went on and had the child. It was gone. Not the love for her but it was gone in terms of now we have to get back to the touching. I just lost it.”

Indeed, this reporter remembers watching the Cosby Show episodes wherein Rashad’s character was placed behind a care package box that she was packing for Denise Huxtable, off at college in A Different World, and she made sure to include macadamia nuts, Denise’s favorite. But the behind-the-scenes story was apparently much more interesting than the milquetoast, innocent-as-pie lifestyle being portrayed onscreen on the Cosby Show.

No word yet on Phylicia or Ahmad Rashad’s response to Bill Cosby’s words about them. However, another video unearthed from Cosby’s 1991 interview with Larry King — wherein Cosby once again talks about Spanish Fly being used to drug women via drinks — is gaining buzz across the web as well, as reported by the Inquisitr.

[Image of Bill Cosby: Uptown Magazine]

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