Canadian Foreign Minister To UN Security Council: ‘We Reject Unilateral Action’ By Palestinian Authority

Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird has joined a number of world leaders in speaking out against unilateral actions by the Palestinian Authority at the United Nations Security Council to get it to impose an agreement on Israel instead of allowing one to be negotiated between the parties.

The Security Council is set to vote on Tuesday on a draft resolution submitted by Jordan on behalf of the PA, demanding its recognition as a state and demanding Israeli withdrawals from Judea, Samaria and “East Jerusalem.”

According to many diplomats, the resolution won’t garner the nine votes necessary for adoption because the United States will almost certainly exercise its right of veto.

On the other hand, there are those that feel it would be better not to anger Arab allies by using its veto powers in light of the current US-led coalition airstrikes against ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

Bard said in a statement on behalf of the Canadian government on Tuesday,

“Canada fundamentally believes that Palestinian statehood can only be a by-product of negotiations with the State of Israel. We have long rejected unilateral action on either side as we believe it is ultimately unhelpful to the cause of peace. The resolution that was submitted to the United Nations Security Council on December 29 is just another attempt to circumvent negotiations and place preconditions on future discussions. Canada, therefore, calls upon members of the UN Security Council to reject this resolution and instead use its influence to urge both sides to sit down without preconditions. For far too long, Israelis and Palestinians have been at odds. It is time for serious negotiations and concessions from both sides to ensure a future of peace, security and prosperity.”

Also on Tuesday, US State Department spokesperson Jeff Rathke reiterated the US’s opposition to the PA bid, noting, “there are a number of countries that have indicated they cannot support this resolution. Even among countries that are longstanding supporters of the Palestinians and that have indicated they would vote in favor of the resolution, many of them have also acknowledged that it is an unconstructive and poorly-timed resolution.”

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