Bookstore Recommends Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ for Christmas

The UK’s largest bookstore chain has had to apologize after one of its stores promoted Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf (translation: My Battle) as “the perfect present” for Christmas. Er, oops?

It’s not quite as sinister as it sounds, though. Staff at Waterstones stores are encouraged to write out tags for books they would personally recommend to customers. Said tags are then displayed alongside the books in a special ‘Our Staff Recommends’ section. At the Waterstones store in Huddersfield, one staff member described Mein Kampf as:

“An essential read for anyone seeking to understand one of history’s most despicable figures. A shocking read and a vital warning for future generations.”

… which is hardly an endorsement of Hitler’s warped ideas, except the pre-printed corner of the tag read “The perfect present…” When Jewish salesman Jonathan Levine saw this and complained to Waterstones, he recounted how:

“I was told it was ‘a Christmas bestseller which sold really well.’ A dubious justification indeed for selling this hateful work.”

Mein Kampf was first published in Germany in two volumes, in 1925 and 1926. The book describes an alleged Jewish conspiracy to take over the world, and outlines Hitler’s political ideology. It was released seven years before Hitler rose to power in Germany, but has been banned there since the Second World War.

The book still sells around 20,000 copies a year worldwide (mostly to fascist nutjobs, one would assume), though U.S. publisher Houghton Miffen gives all proceeds to charity.

Waterstones has since apologized to Levine, and reminded staff of their responsibilities with such books.

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