Dad Of Paul Walker Says Crash Driver’s Family Owes $1.8 Million — And He Wants Them To Pay Up

Paul Walker III, the dad of deceased Fast & Furious star Paul Walker, says the family of the man driving the car that crashed and killed his son now owes him $1.8 million — and he has filed legal documents to get the family of Roger Rodas to hand over the money.

The Rodas family scoffs at the Walker dad’s claim, so it now appears that more than a year after the beloved movie star’s death in an explosive, high-speed Porsche Carrera crash, the families of the two men who died in that car on November 30, 2013 are preparing for war — in the courtroom.

They will be fighting over a collection of “exotic,” high-priced cars collected by Walker and his close friend and business partner Rodas. The pair, who died together when the Porsche driven by Rodas slammed into a tree moments after a fundraising event in Valencia, California, co-owned a high-end auto shop called Always Evolving and jointly invested in about 30 classic sportscars.

But Walker’s dad says that his son owned those car,s and he wants the Rodas clan to give the cars back — or hand over the $1.8 million that he says represents the value of the cars owned or jointly owned by his late son.

The legal filings by the elder Paul Walker were first reported by the celebrity news site TMZ on Tuesday morning. The TMZ story did not specify when Walker filed the legal documents with the $1.8 million claim against the estate of Roger Rodas.

When Paul Walker died, he was estimated to hold a personal fortune of $25 million, which he left in his will entirely to his lone child, his daughter Meadow Walker, who is now 16 years old.

Shortly after his son’s death, Paul Walker III said that Meadow, who had lived most of her life with her mother and only recently relocated to California to live with her own dad, was understandably distraught by losing her father.

“Meadow’s taking it really tough, but there again, she has family around her and some very, very loving friends and everybody they’re all close,” Walker III said. “There’s a lot of hugging. A lot of hand-holding. Wonderful people coming telling us how sorry they are.”

There is no indication so far regarding how Meadow Walker feels about her grandfather possibly going to battle in the legal system in an attempt to get what he says is the remaining $1.8 million piece of the Paul Walker estate.