Black Bears Are The Real Victims Of An Arizona Border Fence [Study]

As officials in Arizona continue to discuss a new border fence to keep out illegal Mexican immigrants a silent victim continues to roam through the areas forested areas. The Black Bears has recently been called out as one of the possible biggest victims of the border patrols efforts.

Using pieces of barbed wire to catch fur samples experts say that black bears in Arizona’s border area have close relatives living in northern Mexico. The researches also told the New York Times that the bear population near the border is less dense than up north.

According to the study northern black bears have a bigger habitat that is less affected by development which has led to more migration into the area making it a key spot for the animals.

Researchers also note that the border line is the northern limit for South American black bears.

While bear advocates are not asking the Arizona Border patrol to stop a fence project they would like them to consider border solutions that would still allow the bears to co-exist with efforts to protect the U.S-Mexico border. No solutions have been offered at this time but advocate groups are now hoping their research will lead to some novel ideas.

When asked to comment about immigration the research revealed: “We’re not weighing into that debate.”

Do you think special consideration should now be given at the Arizona border project locations based on the migratory of the black bear populations in both the south and north?

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