Ellen Dance Dare Backfires When NYPD Cops Confront Dancer (VIDEO)

The “Ellen Dance Dare.”

One of the most popular segments of the Ellen DeGeneres talk show is perhaps the Ellen Dance Dare videos that are submitted online.

The popular hashtag #DanceDare is used frequently by interested and willing participants that have recorded themselves, friends and family members dancing behind random strangers out in public.

In most cases, the Ellen Dance Dare has been pulled off successfully and without any casualties.

However, a viral prankster known as “Alexander Bok” must be an exception. His decision to accept the Ellen Dance Dare did not end as he expected it would.

As shown in the video, which was posted to his official YouTube channel on Saturday, Alexander Bok spent Christmas Eve accepting the challenge. He decided to use the popular Psy song and dance routine, Gangnam Style and did as he was instructed to do – found clever ways to dance behind random strangers without them realizing what was going on.

Many of the random strangers featured in the video played along; one of them even expressed his excitement and surprise over what was going on in words.

His “Ellen Dance Dare” seemed to take an awkward and alarming turn, though, when he decided to approach a NYPD officer from behind police vehicle.

The officer approached and asked, “What’s wrong with you, bro?”

Two additional officers quickly joined the conversation. Alexander Bok was then backed into the vehicle by the officer. Bok is turned around by the officer shortly after the officer placed his hands on his chest. It seems as if he may have even been frisked.

Shortly after the encounter, a message appeared on the screen explained what took place.

“After explaining what we were doing they kept going, insulting me… After endless attempts, realizing they cannot arrest me…they threw me on the ground.”

The officer was captured on camera telling the viral prankster to “take a f—ing walk” before pushing him down to the ground, which caused Alexander’s microphone to cut out.

What do you think about the way that this Ellen Dance Dare ended?

[Image Credit: Ellen TV & The Denver Channel]

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