NYPD Cops Reportedly Turning ‘Blind Eye’ To Minor Crimes Out Of Fear For Their Lives

NYPD cops are on edge, as are most police officers around America today, and they have good reason to be, following the recent ambush style assassinations of two New York officers who were murdered in Brooklyn in revenge for the killings of Michael Brown and Eric Garner.

According to a report in the Washington Times, NYPD cops are currently turning a blind eye to minor crimes on the streets of Brooklyn, and other places, as the police union mandates that two patrol cars respond to all police calls, which has led to slower response times to non-emergencies.

One inside officer told the publication on Sunday, “I’m not writing any summonses. Do you think I’m going to stand there so someone can shoot me or hit me in the head with an ax? I’m concerned about my safety. I want to go to home to my wife and kids.”

A report in the Brooklyn Reader also quoted an NYPD supervisor as saying, “My guys are writing almost no summonses, and probably only making arrests when they have to — like when a store catches a shoplifter.”

On top of that, the new directive, for cops to respond with at least two patrol cars, has resulted in a manpower shortage that’s delaying response times for such as burglaries and car crashes.

At the same time, Police Commissioner Bill Bratton predicted a long feud between Mayor Bill de Blasio and the NYPD, while admitting that morale among cops was so low, the problem could no longer be denied.

On a recent TV interview, Bratton condemned the thousands of cops who turned their backs on a live video feed of de?Blasio’s eulogy for slain Officer Rafael Ramos during his funeral Saturday in Queens.

“I think it was very inappropriate at that event. That funeral was held to honor Officer Ramos,” Bratton said.

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