Jeremy and Leah Calvert Back Together: Mistress ‘Over It’ With No Plans For ‘Teen Mom 2’

Jeremy and Leah Calvert have been having a rough time with their marriage. The couple, who started dating in August 2011, was together a few short months before they decided to get engaged. While some may argue that their short courtship is playing a role in their current problems, it is obvious that the Teen Mom 2 couple is trying to work on their marriage rather than rushing to get a divorce.

Recently, Leah revealed that she and her husband are planning a romantic getaway to the mountains of Tennessee. It wouldn’t be the couple’s first trip to Gatlinburg, and according to Wetpaint, they are hoping to find a cabin to rent in the near future. Some have speculated that Leah is simply saying these things on social networking to convince fans that her marriage is fine, but there is even more proof that the couple has decided to make their marriage work.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the girl Jeremy spoke to on Twitter, Brittany Musick, revealed that Jeremy “went back to Leah.” Of course, without confirmation from Jeremy and Leah Calvert, some fans are still skeptical, but Brittany made it clear she is “so over Jeremy” and never had plans to get on Teen Mom 2.

“I’m not worried about Jeremy or Leah, he can stay with his cheating wife. & pretend their[sic] so happy. I’m over it. Give it a break people.”

Her feelings toward Leah Calvert have definitely changed since the two women exchanged Twitter messages with one another. Leah approached Brittany asking about the alleged conversations she had with her husband. At the time, the two women were cordial with one another, even if the subject matter was touchy for Leah. However, Brittany ended up speaking to In Touch Weekly about the conversations and even provided screenshots of the messages that she had exchanged with the Teen Mom 2 star. After that, any amicable relationship the two women had forged was over.

Some people wonder if perhaps Brittany was hoping to appear on Teen Mom 2. With MTV set to start filming a sixth season of the show, it wouldn’t be a huge stretch to see her make an appearance, especially if the network wanted to recreate the drama that played out in Jeremy and Leah Calvert’s relationship. However, she denies she would ever appear on the show, saying that television “isn’t her thing.”

Jeremy and Leah Calvert have yet to reappear on Twitter, and Leah is probably using her time to focus on her marriage and kids.

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