Hillary Clinton — Most Admired Woman In Gallop Poll

In a Gallop Poll released today, Hillary Clinton was revealed to be the most admired woman anywhere in the world by Americans. Interrupted only by Laura Bush in 2001, Hillary Clinton has been the most admired woman for 17 of the last 18 years.

This is bound to be jubilant and encouraging news to those who are avid supporters. There is a segment of the population, though, who may be less enthusiastic. They may be even less enthusiastic about the most admired man for the seventh time in a row, President Obama.

The second on the list of most admired was Oprah Winfrey, followed by Malala Yousafzai. On the men’s side, they were Pope Francis and Bill Clinton.

Mrs. Clinton has taken the most admired spot a total of 19 times which is the most of any woman in the history of the Gallop Polls for the 68 years the “most admired” question has been asked. According to the Gallop Poll organization, Mrs. Clinton has been named most admired six years more than Eleanor Roosevelt who was also well regarded and well known. It is also notable since Mrs. Clinton has kept somewhat of a low profile recently, but there is still wide residual support, especially for those who are hopeful for a possible Clinton run for president in 2016.

The Gallop Poll results run counter to a NBC/Wall Street Journal poll in September that indicated a slide in public opinion. In that survey, 43 percent of voters had a positive view of Mrs. Clinton, while 41 percent had negative views. The details of the poll results went on to explain with which groups Hillary had fallen out of favor. The September results were also the opinions of registered voters

Of continuing note is Bill Clinton’s second place spot among the most admired men in spite of the affair that led to his impeachment. While Americans seemed glad to be rid of Mr. Clinton at the end of his term, many people remember his time in the White House with nostalgia. He is a gifted speaker and shrewd politician, and exudes an air of someone who is politically skilled enough to get things done. While he is no longer president, his presence is constantly sought for appearances and support during various Democrat campaigns across the country.

Hillary Clinton is similarly highly regarded by her supporters. From the perceived grace during the impeachment of her husband, Mrs. Clinton has amassed much experience and respect for her political abilities, and for her achievements as a woman in a “good-old-boys” world.

Public opinion is fickle, and her popularity can be expected to ebb and flow. This will most likely flip-flop as the 2016 campaign approaches and Mrs. Clinton decides whether or not to run. For now, Hillary Clinton is at a high point with the Gallop Poll selection as the most admired woman.

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