Windows 10 Coming From Microsoft With New Browser — Is It The End Of Internet Explorer?

Danny Cox - Author

Dec. 29 2014, Updated 4:04 p.m. ET

Microsoft may finally get rid of the much-maligned Internet Explorer and bring in a new web browser as they introduce Windows 10. It is believed that the the new browser, code named “Spartan,” will look and feel more like that of Firefox and Google Chrome.

ZDNet reported that Microsoft is building an entirely new browser and not just redoing Internet Explorer to make Spartan. This will not be Internet Explorer 12 coming to your home and work computers.

Obviously, the world is rather happy and sarcastic in their appreciation of the loss of IE.

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While Spartan may signify the end of new Internet Explorer models, it doesn’t mean that it will go away entirely. Venture Beat states that Internet Explorer 11 will be kept around for “backward-compatibility’s sake.” This may not be the best of news for those that are actually fans of IE because it doesn’t appear as if Microsoft is going to put a whole lot of time and effort into it anymore. With all of their focus on Windows 10, the new browser is going to get as much attention as humanly possible. Thomas Nigro, Microsoft Student Partner lead, was quite shocked at the revelation that Windows 10 would do away with IE entirely. According to Nigro, it has been confirmed that “Spartan” will indeed be the default.

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The new browser in Windows 10 will be using Microsoft’s Chakra JavaScript engine and the Trident rendering engine. Apple’s Safari browser uses WebKit while Google Chrome uses a “fork” of the open-source software that is called Blink.

“Spartan” will be considered a “lightweight” browser, and is actually going to be made available on both the desktop and mobile devices in Windows 10.

On January 21, Microsoft is set to reveal a large number of the new features in Windows 10 and it is expected that is when “Spartan” will debut and the pushing out of Internet Explorer happens.

As for the actual release of Windows 10? That won’t happen until the fall of 2015, so it’s still possible that Microsoft still doesn’t reveal a whole lot of information next month.

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Internet Explorer has brought forth complaints and criticism for years.

Fans of Windows have begged Microsoft to make it better or just scrap it, and now it appears as if they have finally listened. Windows 10 will change the world of computers and the death of Internet Explorer will signify the end of an era. The future is now and Windows has Sparta.

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