Darwin, Australia ATM Robber Deserves Darwin Award As Attempt Literally Blows Up In His Face [Video]

Sometimes the weird crime stories just write themselves, and that’s the case in Darwin, Australia, where police are looking for a bold would-be ATM robber whose brilliant scheme literally blew up in his face.

Euronews posted video on Tuesday of the failed ATM robbery attempt, wherein the Darwin thief tried to make a withdrawal with what police suspect is an improvised explosive. The thief, clad in cargo shorts, a baseball cap, and flip-flops, fortunately isn’t holding the explosive as he attempts to light it. Otherwise, he might have secured himself an actual Darwin Award.

The explosion literally knocks the ATM bandit out of his shoes, and photos of the aftermath show that he got off lucky. The ATM itself was blown apart by the blast, and the thief should probably consider himself fortunate to have gotten away with probably just some ringing eardrums. And some missing flip-flops. And no money.

Police are still looking for the would-be robber, who they suspect used “some sort of gas” to destroy the cash machine, according to ABC.

“In relation to sophistication,” duty superintendent Bob Harrison told ABC, “it wasn’t something that was done by somebody who had expertise.”