‘Would Anyone Cry?’ — Girl Writes Heartbreaking Facebook Post Before Committing Suicide, Family Says Bullying To Blame

A 16-year-old girl took to Facebook less than a week before Christmas, and made a post asking that if she died that night, “Would anyone cry?” Shortly after that, she committed suicide and now her family is grieving, as they blame bullying for the reason that she took her life.

According to Fox 8, young Amber Cornwell made the post on Facebook before committing suicide on December 20. Her family laid her to rest on the day after Christmas.

“Would anyone cry?”

That’s the one thing the teenager from North Carolina wanted to know. Known as a very talented girl with a great sense of humor by her friends and family, her death has brought about a lot of discussions as to whether or not bullying was to blame for her suicide.

Cornwell attended East Henderson High School, and friends such as Sierra Crochet don’t know how to cope with the loss.

“I’ve been crying for days now.”

WLOS reported that Cornwell was a tennis player and a dancer. She was a member of the All County Chorus and an A-B honor roll student at her school. Those who knew her well, such as Crochet, loved her, and knows she was bullied.

“They were just calling her names. And called her names and said she had no future and had nothing going for her.”

Stephanie Hernandez, another friend of Cornwell, said that she made people laugh so much that she could put “a smile on your face.” Hernandez also knows that there were students and others who treated her very poorly.

“They were really mean, they’d say stuff to her face, behind her back. They’d message her on Facebook.”

The Facebook post from Cornwell was simple, but it came a bit too late. No one quite knew that she was on the brink of suicide, even those that were close to her. Sierra states that if she had known, she would have been in her mom’s car and “going to her house.”

Hernandez believes that Cornwell’s suicide won’t even bother the bullies who treated her so poorly before her death. She thinks they may cry a little bit, but she doesn’t “think they’ve learned anything.”

With Cornwell’s suicide, many are now calling for action to be taken against bullies and for support groups to be created in schools. They want to make sure that something like this doesn’t happen to anyone else.

Sadly, when Amber Cornwell asked “would anyone cry?” if she died, she had no idea just how many people would shed tears. A very long line at East Henderson High and a candlelight vigil this past weekend showed that many would.

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