US Court Rules In Favor Of Obama, Says Birthers Are Out Of Luck

The birther movement was dealt it’s biggest blow to date on Thursday when a US Court of Appeals said they do not have the right to sue President Obama over claims that he was not born in the United States and therefore should not be the current U.S. President.

While dozens of birthers have attempted to sue President Obama and the Democratic party the court found that those cases had no grievance in which the court had the power to remedy.

The ruling was handed down from a panel of judges in Pasadena.

Cases had been filed by some colorful characters to put it nicely including a minister who had asked his congregation to pray for Obama’s death and 2008 third-party candidate Alan Keyes.

The judges ruled that the scope of the case was outside what the federal court could rule upon and insisted that even lawsuits, including the one filed by Alan Keyes would have had to raise the issue before the election in order to gain the legal traction needed to provide a valid case.

According to the court the case would also require input from the attorney general.

I have a sneaking suspicion the birthers are not done filing grievances at this time, however with more cases being quickly thrown out of U.S. courts it’s likely a battle cry no judge will hear.

Do you think the birther movement is officially dead?

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