Ashley Gardner Quadruplets: Expectant Mom In Viral Photo Gives Birth To Quadruplets

Ashley Gardner gave birth to quadruplets on December 28, 12 weeks before her due date. You may recognize Gardner from a photo that went viral several weeks ago. According to ABC News, Gardner made headlines when her husband caught her priceless reaction to finding out that she was expecting four babies. After the viral post, many people decided to follow Ashley’s journey on Facebook, and are thrilled to know that mom and her four girls (whom they are lovingly referring to as the “Quad Squad”) are doing well.

“Mom and babies are doing incredible!!! We are so happy with how everything turned out today! The doctors, nurses, and staff were incredible!! More updates to follow soon,” read a recent Facebook update.

All four girls weighed around two pounds at birth.

Ashley Gardner had quadruplets via C-section after years of trying to get pregnant. The Pleasant Grove, Utah, residents learned that getting pregnant naturally wasn’t going to work because Ashley has endometriosis. The couple opted for in-vitro fertilization, and were overjoyed with the news that they were going to become parents. As you can probably imagine, the couple was shocked when not one, but two embryos implanted successfully. They were even more shocked to learn that those two embryos then split into two, creating two sets of identical twins.

Ashley and her husband, Tyson, have some more exciting news. They have been working with TLC on a new show about their journey to becoming a family of seven (can’t forget their pup).

“We’re excited to be working with TLC to share this amazing adventure – they’ve been with us during our pregnancy, were there for the birth of our daughters, and will be following our family throughout the coming months. We can’t wait to have you all along on this journey!”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Ashley and Tyson Gardner have shared their story with the world, and many have enjoyed being along for the ride. Even though the four little girls have arrived, this journey seems to be just beginning. No word on when the family’s show will air on TLC, or whether this is going to be a special or a television series. More details are expected in the new year.

For now, fans wish the Gardner family the best, and hope that the little girls are able to go home soon.

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