New Jersey Police Hit And Kill 10-Year-Old Boy On The Way To A Sleepover

A New Jersey police officer hit and killed a 10-year-old boy who was walking to a sleepover. The Franklinville police were responding to an emergency call when their cruiser reportedly knocked over the boy. Witnesses to the fatal police accident claim that the officers were “speeding down the highway” without using their lights and sirens.

The 10-year-old boy was pronounced dead after the scene after being hit by the New Jersey police cruiser on Sunday evening. The Franklinville boy was walking to the sleepover with two friends, who were not injured in an accident, according to CBS News. One of the boys was able to get across the intersection at Paul Street and Delsea Drive – a two-lane highway. The 10-year-old boy hit and killed by the police cruiser attempted to do the same, but was struck by a vehicle in the process.

Franklinville police officers performed CPR on the 10-year-old boy, but were unable to revive the child. The name of the New Jersey boy hit and killed by the police cruiser, has not yet been released. Law enforcement officials have stated that an unidentified Franklin Township police officer was behind the wheel of the cruiser during the emergency call. The police department has not yet commented on claims by family members and other witnesses related to the absence of lights and sirens during the accident.

The father of the boys walking with the 10-year-old killed in the accident, said he has been “tailing the boys” in his car as they walked to the sleepover. The Franklin Township officer, who was the only individual in the cruiser at the time of the incident, was reportedly taken to a local hospital for evaluation.

The Franklinville, New Jersey area police department described the accident as “tragic for everyone.” A statement released by law enforcement officials said, “First and foremost our thoughts and prayers go out to the McCloskey family that tragically lost their son. Whenever a young life is lost like this it is tragic for everyone, his family and our community.” The police statement also added, “While this is very difficult for the young boy’s family it is also very difficult for that police officer involved. It is our understanding that the officer was responding to an urgent call when this accident happened, and we support the officer who was involved in this.”

The New Jersey police officer who hit and killed the 10-year-old boy is reporting “very shaken up” over the horrific accident.

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