Aisha Khan Found Safe: Searchers Upset With Mysterious Happy Ending

For the last five days, friends, family, and FBI agents have been searching for Aisha Khan. The teenager disappeared from Edwards Campus at the University of Kansas after leaving a frantic voice-mail saying that she had been attacked by a man. That was the last time anyone heard from Khan, prompting her friends and family to fear the worst. But Khan was found today, safe and sound, and police say that she was never abducted.

Khan’s family is overjoyed with the girl’s return, but the rest of the community is perplexed as to why Khan didn’t contact authorities earlier.

The Daily Mail reports that FBI agents joined 10 detectives and 50 police officers in a massive man hunt for the teenager. Officers handed out flyers, asked for volunteers, and Khan’s husband Waseem offered a $10,000 reward for information on Khan’s whereabouts.

But according to police, Khan was never abducted and she wasn’t being held against her will.

Information about Khan’s whereabouts during the last five days remains scarce. The girl’s family posted this message on the “Help Find Aisha Khan” Facebook page.

“On behalf of the Khan family, we are ecstatic to announce that Aisha has been found.”

But that small sentence isn’t enough for the hundreds of people who worried about and went searching for Aisha Khan. One Facebook user writes:

“If she wanted some time out she should have left a note with the family, or contacted the police as soon as she knew that the whole state is looking for her… What a waste of time and effort and money, that could have been used in a real emergency.”

Another wrote:

“The family can’t expect to ask people for help and then turn around and ignore everyone without an explanation.”

There’s been some speculation that Aisha Khan ran away to escape her arranged marriage, but her friends and family deny the rumor and say that Khan was happy with her life.

Where do you think Aisha Khan was for the last five days?

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