LAPD Launches Investigation Over Disrespectful Michael Brown Parody Song Played At Retired Officer’s Party [Video]

While a Ferguson police officer comes under fire for calling Michael Brown’s memorial a “pile of trash,” police officers half way across the country are also finding themselves under investigation for a poor decision that was made in reference to Michael Brown’s death. Officers with the Los Angeles Police Department who attended a retired officer’s party are being investigated for “conduct unbecoming of a police officer” for partaking in an event that openly celebrated a disrespectful parody of Michael Brown. It is uncertain if current LAPD officers were in attendance, but those who were may face disciplinary action, including suspension.

The party was held by officer Joe Myers at the Glendale Elks Lodge after a charity golf tournament. According to TMZ, 50 to 60 people were in attendance as a parody of “Bad, Bad, Leroy Brown” was performed for the crowd. The parody was targeted at demeaning Michael Brown and his life, praising his death, and using him as an example for others who might attempt to injure a police officer. The parody, titled “Dead, Dead, Michael Brown,” was performed by Gary Fishell. Fishell is a current private investigator and former federal law enforcement officer.

Lyrics of the parody poke fun at Michael Brown’s death, and use him as an example of why no to mess with police officers.

“Two men took to fightin’ And Michael punched in through the door, And Michael looked like some old Swiss Cheese, His brain was splattered on the floor.”

It is known that active members of the police force were present at the party, but it is unknown if any of them were from the LAPD departments. Chief Charlie Beck has launched an investigation to determine whether his men and women were in attendance, and will ensure they are punished accordingly for partaking in an event that is unbecoming of a police officer. Beck posted his feelings about the event on Twitter, as reported by the Huffington Post.

“Like many of you, I find it offensive & absurd. It does not reflect the values of the #LAPD.”

A lawyer for Gary Fishell, the singer of the parody, defended him by stating that, “He’s a goofball who writes funny songs.”

However, his lawyer also stated that Fishell realizes his Michael Brown parody was “off color and in poor taste.”

The video is posted below. Be advised, some of the content may be disturbing to some. Share your thoughts on the “Dead, Dead, Michael Brown” parody. Do you feel it was all in good fun, or disrespectful and offensive?

[Photo Courtesy: Hollywood Reporter]

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