Los Angeles: Gunmen Open Fire On Police Cruiser In Another Apparently Random Attack On Police

One suspect is in custody, and a second suspect remains at large, after two gunmen fired on an LAPD police cruiser with a rifle, in another seemingly random and unprovoked attack on police, The L.A. Times is reporting.

The shooting took place at an intersection in South Los Angeles at about 9:30 P.M. local time, as police were driving down the street. Two gunmen opened fire on the police car, and the officers returned fire. No police officers were injured in the shooting.

One suspect was arrested at the scene, and the weapon used in the shooting was recovered. The other suspect fled the scene.

The LAPD then issued a tactical alert – that is, all available officers in the city are called to a specific crime scene – to search for the suspect, according to NBC News. Police cordoned off a three-block area to search for the fleeing suspect, and at least 60 officers, including K9 units, searched the area. The suspect has not been found, as of this post.

As of this post, the LAPD shooting appears to be another random and unprovoked attack on police, just over a week after a similar attack in New York City. In the NY case, ex-con Ismaaiyl Brinsley, on the run from having murdered his girlfriend in Baltimore, fired several rounds into a New York City police car, killing officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu “execution-style” and in broad daylight, before turning his gun on himself, according to this Inquisitr report. In social media posts made before the shooting, Brinsley had threatened to “put wings on pigs” and kill cops at random, in retaliation for the death of Eric Garner during an NYPD arrest. Garner, who was unarmed, was placed in an illegal chokehold by officer Daniel Pantaleo and later died at the scene; his last words were allegedly “I can’t breathe.” A grand jury declined to charge Pantaleo with any crimes.

LAPD spokesperson Meghan Aguilar issued a statement, via KABC, linking the LAPD shooting with the similar New York incident last week.

“Obviously, with what happened in New York and what we know is a sentiment right now nationwide…when you put on your uniform, you’re very much aware that there are some currents of anger toward police. We’re aware that we could be a target for individuals that are angry at law enforcement right now.”

As of this post, the LAPD has not publicly issued a motive for the shooting.

[Image courtesy of: L.A. Times]

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