Hugh Hefner Found Dead But Still Makes It To Family Movie Night

Hugh Hefner was presumed to be dead of natural causes, Sunday, December 28, 2014. Well, that's the story which was given from a fake sub-medium of NBC called This site can't be called news satire because once "" is entered as the URL address, it takes the user straight to the fake story.

Though the story is fake, it spread like wildfire, seemingly without anyone bothering to research the issue himself or herself.

As of 11 p.m. PST, the Hugh Hefner fake-death story had over 159,000 Facebook shares, along with over 39,000 Likes. Likewise, it has approximately 1800 Twitter shares. Unfortunately, by sunrise, this fake Hugh Hefner story may be trending.

The story states that police responded to Hugh Hefner's estate on December 28 at approximately 9 a.m., where Hefner's body was identified, and he was pronounced dead.

However, as can be seen from his wife Crystal Hefner''s Twitter update, Hugh is alive and enjoying his time with family.

Fortunately, the entire story is fabricated. The only other possibility is that he died and was revived. However, there is nothing on Crystal Hefner's social media that indicates any kind of scare of such magnitude.

However, she does offer a witty quote regarding the Hugh Hefner death story.

A lie can run around the world before the truth has got it's boots on. #QuoteOfTheDay
This statement, along with the "family night" photo, was made only a few hours ago. Whereas, Hugh Hefner was supposed to have been dead around 9 a.m. And unless Hugh has someone managing his social media profiles, he made his own tweets shortly before his wife.
Tonight's Mansion movie is "American Sniper."
He also retweeted what his wife tweeted afterwards. So sensibly, had Hugh Hefner passed, there would be a buzzing frenzy coming from the Playmates, let alone the rest of the media world.

It would benefit many to perform a little research before taking things as they come.

And that comment was after Crystal stated that the story wasn't true.

However, there is one thing the anonymous writer got right. Hugh Hefner is 88 years of age. It seems as though he doesn't plan on letting go of life just yet.