This Epic Video Explains 'Skyrim' In Less Than 30 Seconds

Three years since its release, Elder Scrolls: Skyrim still remains to be one of the most popular RPG among gamers today. This was proven last week by a recent Skyrim viral video which managed to attract more than a million views in just a few days.

Last Christmas, YouTube Ferhod released an epic video explaining Skyrim in less than 30 seconds.

For those who haven't played the game and don't get the reference, the video is poking fun at the carrying capacity of the characters in the game, which is -- without enchantments -- set at 3oo. Skyrim characters can carry greatswords, battle axes and heavy armors all at once until it reaches 300. If that number goes beyond by even just 1 (the typical weight of many alchemy ingredients like flowers and salts), the character becomes encumbered, making it difficult for him or her to move around the environment.

The video was posted on Reddit's /r/videos, where it gained massive attention from gamer netizens. A related video was posted on the thread by redditor one_long_year.

Other redditors made equally hilarious comments in the video, poking fun at Skyrim's unique gameplay. AceofSpad3s wrote, "Where the part where he gets mauled by a bear that's stronger than the dragon?" Another redditor, crazy_turtle, wrote, "Needs more caves every five seconds."

Skyrim remains to be popular because of its one-of-a-kind gameplay. During its release, Bethesda excited fans by announcing that the game has infinite quests, meaning you can literally play the game non-stop without having to finish the main quest line immediately. Skyrim is one of the first games this decade to feature such ambitious content.

After watching the vid, Redditor annekar summarized the very sentiment of all Skyrim fans in a single sentence.

"You know its a great game when people talk about it even 3 years later."

For your viewing pleasure, here are some Skyrim-related videos that were insanely popular online.

And who can forget Malukah's very impressive cover of the Dohvakiin song, The Dragonborn Comes.
Here is a Machinima video pitting the Greybeards against Dragon Priests and Ancient Dragons.
[Image from YouTube]