USPS Holidays 2015: Mail Delivery New Year’s Eve, Post Office Open New Year’s Day?

New Year’s Day is a federal holiday, so if you want to mail a package, get to the post office before it closes on New Year’s Eve. Keep in mind, most USPS locations will close early on December 31 so employees can get home in plenty of time to ring in 2015 with their families.

New Year’s Eve falls on a Wednesday this year, followed by the first day of the new year on Thursday. There will be mail delivery on the last day of 2014, but expect your local post office to close by noon on December 31. January 1 is the first of 10 federal holidays in 2015, with all post office locations closed for the day. That means there will be no mail delivery at all on Thursday, but it will be back to business-as-usual on Friday, January 2 when the post office re-opens.

January 1 is well-deserved day off for postal employees after an extremely busy holiday delivery season. CNN reports that the USPS expanded its holiday delivery season in 2014, delivering packages seven days a week in many cities. Give a high-five to your mail carrier for a job well done — the U.S. Post Office reportedly delivered 15.1 billion cards, letters, and parcels during the holiday season.

If you have an package that needs to get out right away, you’ll also find the doors locked at UPS and FedEx, so you’ll have to wait until Friday. According to the FedEx holiday schedule, all offices will be open to accept packages and drivers will be making package deliveries all day on New Year’s Eve. However, just like the USPS and UPS, there will be no deliveries and no package drop-offs on New Year’s Day.

While you won’t be getting any mail on January 1, you will be able to shop on New Year’s Day. According to a previous report from the Inquisitr, many businesses, including Toys R Us, Target, and some Walmart stores will be closing early on New Year’s Eve, but reopening on January 1.

Shop ’til you drop on New Year’s Day, with most malls, big-box stores, and even restaurants open regular business hours. Expect big clearance sales at most retailers as they try to move the inventory that didn’t sell during the Christmas shopping season.

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