Man Desperate To Find Late Wife’s Wedding Ring Stolen on Christmas Eve

A Moline, Illinois man returned home with his family on Christmas Eve only to find his late wife’s wedding ring was stolen along with some cash. He doesn’t care about the cash, but he desperately wants the ring back so he can give it to their daughter one day when she grows up.

As reported by WQAD 8 News, Jack Heber didn’t want a Christmas tree in his house this year since his wife Rachel died in March. “It’s been a rough year,” he said. “She got sick and just started shutting stuff down,” said Heber.

Rachel was the mother of their twins. A boy and a girl who were born three months premature.

“Without her and raising the kids and you know Christmas is here and you know I’m almost out of this year, it’s gotta get better, it’s gotta get better and we went home Christmas Eve and found somebody had been in the house,” he said as reported by

That somebody took some cash and his late wife’s wedding ring that was stored in a funeral home bag in their bedroom.

“It was something since the kids are so young, it’s something I wanted my daughter to have, it’s something when she gets a little bit older and wouldn’t lose it, she could look down at her hand and know that that was her mom’s and it was just part of mom and you know, somebody’s taken that away from her,” said Heber.

A picture of the ring has been shared on Facebook and online swap pages. “It pretty much just ruined Christmas for the kids and ya know it really ruined it for me,” he said.

Heber wants back the ring he picked out for his wife as it remains a constant reminder to him. “It struck me as her. When she’d come in the room, she’d light a room, her eyes and she’d just have that gleam and sparkle in her eye,” he said. So he can give it to their daughter. “I just really want it back, I want it back for my daughter.”

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