Dad’s ‘Frozen’ Doll Prank Ruins Christmas For One Little Girl [Video]

Treva Bowdoin - Author

Dec. 28 2014, Updated 5:59 p.m. ET

Disney’s Frozen dolls were some of the hottest toys of the holiday season, and many parents probably loved seeing their kids’ faces light up after they unwrapped their Anna and Elsa dolls. However, what one dad did to his little Disney princess on Christmas was really cold.

According to Fortune, Anna and Elsa dolls were so popular this year that they actually managed to beat Barbie to become the holiday’s top-selling toy for girls. Parents who failed to snag one of the dolls before Christmas better be thankful that their daughters don’t have icy superpowers.

Mashable recently shared a viral video of a young Frozen fan excitedly unwrapping her Christmas present, and she looks like she wants to freeze her father by the end of the clip.

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“What the…?” the confused little girl can be heard saying after she sees what’s inside the box. You can see why she’s so shocked in the video below (warning: it’s vertical).

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As you can see, he did give his daughter a “frozen” doll. Obviously, the girl isn’t happy that the doll actually has to be thawed out, but her real issue seems to be that the toy isn’t a princess. The video ends before the girl goes into full-on meltdown mode — her voice gets louder toward the end, and it sounds like she’s about to “Let It Go” at an Idina Menzel-level volume.

Unfortunately, it’s never revealed if the dad presented his daughter with a real Disney’s Frozen doll, so hopefully she didn’t run away from home to go live in her own ice castle or something. Her dad can always make it up to her by taking her to see Frozen 2 on opening day, and she should definitely make him dress up like Anna or Elsa when he takes her.

Not all cruel parental Christmas pranks turn out so badly. The Huffington Post recently shared a similar video of two adorable British kids being punk’d by their father. The dastardly dad hoped to prove that his kids were spoiled brats by letting them open two Christmas presents early, and of course, the gifts he gave him were terrible. However, his kids’ reactions completely caught him off-guard. You can check out the Christmas prank video below.

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As you can see, the little girl is extremely impressed with her “pumpkin,” and her brother quickly finds a creative use for his “ba-naw-naw.” However, the most shocking part of the video comes at the beginning when the girl reveals that she wants a Barbie princess for Christmas, not a Frozen doll.

Do you think the Frozen doll and produce pranks were cruel or are tricks like this a great way for parents to judge just how spoiled their kids are getting? And is it Jimmy Kimmel’s fault that parents are doing this to their children?

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