Jarod Rebuck: Man Allegedly Poisoned Girlfriend’s Drink To Cause Miscarriage On Christmas Day

One man reportedly attempted to give his girlfriend a “Christmas gift” that could have had a fatal outcome. Now, he’s behind bars for his vicious, deceitful actions. According to Fox-59, the Madison County Sheriff’s Department is expected to file formal charges against Jarod Rebuck. He allegedly spiked his girlfriend’s drink with an herbal substance in order to kill their unborn child.

The deadly substance would have caused Frye to have miscarried on Christmas Day. Local authorities stated that Rebuck reportedly did a Google search for “ways to cause a miscarriage.” He then visited a herbal substance retailer, where he purchased a bottle of clary sage oil. Although clary sage oil is an extract commonly used to aid menstrual cramping and reduce stress, the effects of it can be deadly if consumed during pregnancy.

Apparently, Rebuck knew the consequences because he was reportedly adamant about his girlfriend drinking the potentially hazardous potion. According to the arrest warrant, he allegedly poured the oil into a drink for his girlfriend, but she refused to drink it because it had an odd smell. Frye became suspicious of her boyfriend’s actions because of the drink, so she looked through his cell phone and was shocked to discover what he’d been researching via mobile internet.

She called local police and had him arrested. Rebuck was charged with feticide after admitting to detectives that he attempted to poison his girlfriend and kill the baby, reports Boston News Times.

However, prosecutors aren’t expected to formalize charges until December 31. Rebuck is currently being held at the Madison County Jail on a charge of felony attempted feticide with a $20,000 full cash bond.

[Image via Madison County Sheriff’s Department]

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