Ron Paul Walks Off CNN Interview [Video]

Ron Paul was interviewing with CNN’s Gloria Borger on Wednesday when questions he didn’t feel like answering were raised, leading to the GOP candidate unclipping his microphone and saying “Goodbye” as he walked off the set.

According to reports the source of the friction came when Paul was asked about campaign newsletters that came out 20 years ago with Ron Paul’s name attached. In those letters both racist and homophobic slurs were made.

The line of questioning isn’t new, it also came up during the candidates 2008 run for President. Since that time his answer has remained unchanged:

“I didn’t write them. I didn’t read them at the time and I disavow them. That is your answer.”

The questions were asked after the Weekly Standard once again wrote about the newsletters earlier in the week.

In one of the more controversial 1992 newsletter statements about the Los Angeles riots the newsletter stated:

“Order was only restored in L.A. when it came time for the blacks to pick up their welfare checks.”

According to Ron Paul the newsletter used his name and his campaign but he didn’t write or pay attention to the newsletters that staffers working for him at the time circulated.

Apparently Ron Paul was able to make money off the publications he never paid attention to which has in turn allowed the question of his involvement remain open for so long.

Here’s a Mediate capture of the CNN walkoff:

Do you think Ron Paul should have been more responsible when approving messages with his name on them or should he have been able to trust his staffers?

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