UFC News: CM Punk Announces Fight Camp

Former WWE star CM Punk has finally announced something that has to do with his UFC career, and that announcement is that he will be training at Roufusport Martial Arts Academy in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, just 92 miles from Punk’s home in Chicago, Illinois.

CM Punk was somewhat scrutinized after going on a media tour several weeks ago to talk about his UFC career when he still had nothing to announce about his future with the company. Punk seemed annoyed at everyone who asked him questions about WWE, the most famous case of this was his back and forth with TSN’s Michael Landsberg, when Landsberg asked Punk if he was getting annoyed at his questions, and then said to Punk “You’re not a UFC fighter.”

Well, now if CM Punk decides to go on another media tour, at least he’ll have something MMA related to talk about. But, the next time Punk goes on a media tour will likely be right before his UFC debut, which will take place at some point in mid-to-late 2015.

There’s still no news on a potential opponent for CM Punk, and that will likely be announced in the middle of 2015.

There is a possibility that CM Punk could do some moving around, and not just train at Roufusport in Milwaukee. But, as of right now, that’s where he’ll be training primarily. Prominent fighters who train at Roufusport are the former Bellator welterweight champion, Ben Askren, and the current UFC lightweight champion, Anthony “Showtime” Pettis. So, Punk will have some top-of-the-line sparring partners to help get him ready for his UFC debut.

Some people are of the opinion that CM Punk will not be able to make it through an entire fight camp without being injured. Punk has said that he feels great physically, but many people are saying that once he returns to a full-time contact sport, those old injuries will come creeping back up on him, and he’ll really have to push through them if he wants to make it to his UFC debut.

CM Punk also has a pretty rich concussion history, which could be a big factor in his UFC career. When Brock Lesnar was in the UFC, he didn’t have much of a chin, and many people believe that is because of the concussions he sustained while he was in WWE. So, Punk could end up suffering the same fate in his UFC career.

[Image via Fox Sports]