Niall Horan Makes Insensitive ‘Gay Joke,’ Gets Schooled On Twitter

Niall Horan got a stern talking to after making an insensitive “gay joke” on Twitter.

The One Direction singer and Irish TV host, Eoghan McDermott, were hanging out with their pal Bressie over the holidays when they decided to play a prank on The Blizzards singer. Bressie (real name Niall Breslin) told that McDermott and Niall Horan hijacked his Twitter account and posted a joke about his sexuality. The tweet has since been deleted, but you can read what it said below.

“I’ve been experimenting with my sexuality. No conclusions reached as of yet but it’s been a fun ride so far.”

Shortly after the tweet was posted, Bressie regained control of his account, and he blamed Niall Horan and Eoghan McDermott for sending out the tweet.

“That last tweet came to you from @eoghanmcdermo and @niallofficial,” he wrote. “Schoolboy error.”

Openly gay Irish athlete Conor Cusack was quick to point out the error of the boys’ ways.

“Subtle tweets like that exploiting a persons sexuality in a negative way doesn’t help things fellas,” he wrote.

After other Twitter users started criticizing the tweet, Bressie admitted that it was childish, careless, and wrong. So far Niall Horan hasn’t apologized for posting the tweet on his pal’s page, and his lack of action will no doubt upset his gay fans. One Direction fans who support the LGBT community might also be disappointed in their idol for acting in such an insensitive manner.

Niall knows what it’s like to be on the receiving end of a “gay joke” — Directioners were making plenty of them earlier this year when the Vine video below surfaced. According to Sugarscape, some fans thought it showed the singer kissing One Direction songwriter Julian Bonetta. However, others argued that Horan was just talking in his friend’s ear.

Niall Horan just laughed off the speculation about his sexuality.

However, many members of the LGBT community aren’t laughing off the tweet Horan posted on Bressie’s Twitter, and this was a bad misstep for the singer to make so soon after doing something positive for the gay community.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Niall and a few of his band mates recently revealed their “gay crushes” to show their support for those struggling with their sexuality. Niall Horan told the London Lesbian and Gay Switchboard that he has a thing for Johnny Depp because he’s “pretty sick and he’s a really nice fella too.”

What do you think of Niall Horan’s tweet? Should he apologize for it?

[Image via Huffington Post UK]