So, how many construction workers does it take to stop an out of control concrete buffer? [Video]

According to this video it takes approximately 15 people standing around and trying a whole bunch of different things to try and bring a run-away concrete buffer back under control.

So what are some of the things they try?

Well there’s:

  • a bucket of water that is meant to drown the motor I guess even though this is construction grade equipment which one would assume is meant to survive running wet.
  • oh ya .. the huge honking 2 x 4 which I guess they thought would .. well .. do what exactly?
  • hey how about a huge mother of a tarp .. surely that will do the trick right? – Umm no.
  • chase the swinging tarp with the hope of taming the wild beast.

The running commentary isn’t too bad either.

via Geekologie