Lizard Squad Caught Our Attention, But Didn’t ‘Hack’ Anything For ‘Our Own Good’

Lizard Squad caught the world’s attention on Christmas Eve, but they didn’t hack anything. They certainly didn’t do anything for “our own good” like they allegedly claimed.

The infamous group has gained notoriety for something they never did. They are not a hacker group. Lizard Squad never hacked anything that we’re aware of. What they at least claimed responsibility for was a long string of DDoS attacks on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network.

While the Inquisitr previously reported that the group did what they did “for our own good,” the truth lay directly in front of us if we had bothered to look on Twitter. Read any member’s feed from Christmas Day and you will notice that they were allegedly holding gamers’ online abilities hostage, as they were begging for retweets and followers on their various Lizard Squad Twitter accounts.

The tweet below is an example.

Lizard Squad caught our attention because that was what they were after. They knew we were expecting them to attack on Christmas, and they defied Finest Squad’s efforts to get Lizard Squad arrested. The DDoS attacks may have disappointed gamers and their children over network outages and made them spend time with family instead, but that wasn’t their intention.

They weren’t really trying to improve network security either, because in the end, nothing improved.

Several members, and some possible fake accounts claiming to be them, kept telling us they would release Xbox Live and PSN if they reached 20,000 followers (for the more popular accounts) within a specific time frame. It didn’t happen, and they kept doing their alleged dirty deeds.

What tells me that it may not have been them behind it at all was the fact that Sony’s network was still down even after Lizard Squad alleged that they quit. They even told the press that the DDoS attacks didn’t last more than about half a day in total, according to Kotaku.

Sony’s servers may have broken down under the strain of the DDoS attacks, but that doesn’t sound likely. Xbox Live didn’t suffer the same fate, and was occasionally fine during the repeated attacks. PSN is still “under maintenance” as of this writing.

It could have been another group, possibly the same ones who hacked into Sony’s emails earlier this month, which took down PlayStation Network and left it crippled over the holidays. Lizard Squad caught the blame, but it looks doubtful that they were fully responsible for all of it.

While the DDoS attackers may not have actually taken down the networks “for our own good,” the unfortunate event did have part of the result Lizard Squad claimed to be aiming for. Disappointed gamers were forced to spend time with family instead of setting up their brand new Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

While Lizard Squad caught the blame and the attention, all they really wanted was more Twitter followers.

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