Grandma Totally Fooled By Chocolate iPhone Christmas Gift [Video]

Grandparents might be confused by technology a lot of the time, but there’s still quite a few out there who manage to keep up with the changes. After all, with apps ranging from the emergency medical relief to coupons, there’s a whole world of things that are really just redesigned with a new set of tools to acquire them. Really, an iPhone is just a mobile reinvention of something that they couldn’t have imagined doing without 50 years ago.

But one grandma just isn’t having it when she thinks that her family is trying to make her switch to an iPhone. She bitterly opens the box, complaining about how she doesn’t want to learn how to use an iPhone. Her family can barely contain their laughter as she slides an iPhone made entirely out of chocolate through her fingers, oblivious to the fact that it isn’t the real deal in her hands.

[Image via YouTube]