AirAsia QZ8501 Fuel Has Run Out, Passenger List Demographics Released

BREAKING — The Malaysia Kini has released an updated demographic list of the passengers aboard flight QZ8501.

According to the report, 157 of the passengers are Indonesian — the rest are three Koreans, one Malaysian, one Britain and one Singaporean. Likewise, 138 of these passengers are adults while the others are 16 children and one infant. There are four cabin crew members, two pilots and one engineer.

Specifically, the plane is being flown by Captain Iriyanto, assisted by First Officer Remi Emmanuel Plesel. There are also four flight attendants on board. The senior flight attendant is Wanti Setiawati — while the other attendants are Khairunisa Haidar Fauzi, Oscar Desano and Wismoyo Ari Prambudi. The engineer on board is Saiful Rakhmad.

This update was made at 1:24 p.m. local time.

Family members await word about the status of the flight. Some were directed to holding areas within airport facilities until further information is gathered.

Sadly, there is nothing these family members — or authorities — can do until the whereabouts of the AirAsia flight QZ8501 is found. As of now, the flight has been missing for approximately seven hours.

It is reported that the flight was experiencing turbulent weather and requested permission to climb higher to avoid the conditions within the clouds. However, records indicate there were no further emergency calls or signals placed thereafter.

Families and friends are requesting that the passenger and crew members are kept in everyone’s prayers. This is not an easy situation to deal with, and this is a reasonable request. Most of us would want the same if the circumstance involved our family members and friends.

Sadly, the fuel supply would have surely run out by now as mentioned in the tweet by Airline Geeks.

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