Gingrich Slammed on Camera, Cursed at by Iowa Voter [Video]

Republican Presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich got an earful from a voter in Iowa today and the angry Iowan spoke directly into the camera on CNN.

“You’re a F****ing A$$hole, you know that right?” the man said to the ex-speaker as he hit the rope line to shake hands with supporters. Gigrich has seen his numbers spike over the last few weeks but has recently seen them drop in the key states of Iowa and New Hampshire.

Iowa holds the first in the nation caucus on January 6th. As recently as last week Gingrich took the lead from fellow contenders Mitt Romney and Libertarian Ron Paul, but as voters get to know him there is a word they associate with him more than the swear words, due in large part to anti-Gingrich advertising coming form super PAC’s who support Romney.

Baggage” is the word of the day, and even though voters claim to have forgiven Gingrich for a lot of it, it seems to be the word that keeps coming up over and over again.

“Newt has too much baggage”, Gingrich is a bright guy but boy does he come with baggage”

These are but a few of the comments that are being heard daily by primary voters who want to believe in the former speaker, but just can’t bring themselves to do it.

The baggage they are referring to is a long list of transgressions Gingrich has committed since his days as speaker. He has been unfaithful in two separate marriages, has taken millions in consulting fees from Freddie Mac (the government mortgage giant which melted down and required huge infusions of taxpayer cash) and although he claims to be the lone conservative voice in the field, he has worked with ultra liberal members of the House like Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

Do you think Newt has way too much baggage?

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