WWE Rumor: Randy Orton Injured At MSG House Show, Return Indefinite

A Randy Orton return has been rumored and guessed at since Seth Rollins curb-stomped him out of the WWE picture prior to TLC.

WWE fans got something of a treat at last night’s MSG house show when Orton surprised everyone, coming back to deliver a RKO on Corporate Kane.

Unfortunately, that pop may be short-lived as a report is now circulating that he was once again injured.

Now, I’ll also warn you to take this with a grain of salt. After all, the r/squaredcircle subreddit on which it originally appeared doesn’t have an accompanying photo or any audio from the announcement, so it’s really just the word of someone who claims to have been at the show when it was announced.

Anyhow, wrestling rumors are a thing on the internet, and since Randy Orton once injured himself pounding on the mat, I thought I would pass it along.

If this injury report turns out to be true — and again, until WWE officially announces something, it’s a rumor — then it’ll be a tough bit of news for the company as it heads into its WrestleMania run which begins with Royal Rumble next month.

Randy Orton was rumored earlier this month to be starting a program against Kane upon his return. That likely wouldn’t have lasted long since Kane is jobbing to just about everyone these days.

Those rumors were granted legitimacy with last night’s appearance.

Some had expected a Rollins-Orton feud, but the WWE probably wanted to push that closer to WrestleMania.

If the injury turns out to be legit, and if WWE isn’t just kayfabing in order to surprise fans with Orton’s possible television return, Creative will be back in the unwanted position of shuffling around plans.

This year hasn’t been a kind one to the WWE. Injuries to top stars Wade “Bad News” Barrett, Daniel Bryan, and Roman Reigns have seemed to stifle any momentum that could be gleaned out of the organization’s stars-in-the-making.

The company started to rely on Orton’s lethal ring and mic skills to carry it through.

Given the beating WWE stock has taken over the disappointing rollout of the WWE Network, most fans and industry insiders agree that Vince McMahon and company need to focus all their efforts on creating the best product possible, but that’s not always easy when the roster is thin.

What do you think will come of this report if it proves true, readers? How would you book Rollins in the buildup to WrestleMania without Randy Orton in the picture?

[Image via WWE, linked above]