Jason Gofrey Finds Luxury Shell Gas Station Bathroom [Video]

Anybody who has ever been on a long road trip (or even a short one) knows that the phrase “gas station bathroom” is difficult to say without getting queasy for a reason. Shell, Texaco, Maverick — none of them seem to be immune from the most awful places to relieve yourself on earth. Even if you’ve caught it after a recent cleaning, it still looks more like someone just idly spread around what you hope is dirt on the floor with some kind of mud-caked sponge.

But as it turns out, there are still surprises in the world waiting for those of us who stop by the side of the road to find a gas station bathroom. A Shell station at an undisclosed location looks more like the bathroom at a the Playboy mansion than a remote place to get gas. Jason Godfrey happened upon what just may be the nicest place to stop for gas for miles around.

[Image via YouTube]

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