Naya Rivera Shows Gratitude to Proactiv, Becomes New Spokesperson

Glee superstar Naya Rivera has revealed for the first time that this has been a really difficult year for her. This year, although playing a beautiful cheerleader on screen, she has had an awful battle with adult acne.

“I had really bad skin for awhile earlier this year,” Rivera said on the set of her upcoming spread for Proactiv, one of the country’s best acne medicines. “It sort of just came out of nowhere. It was like adult acne, and I was like, I’ve had great skin my entire life. How am I dealing with this now at 24?”

Naya admitted to People Magazine, that she is now the official spokesperson for Proactiv.

Rivera stressed that her battle with adult acne has not been easy, and it became really difficult this year to shoot Glee episodes when she knew that her skin was in such bad shape. Make-up can hide the blemishes, but the hit to her self esteem cannot be covered up.

“It was pretty embarrassing going to work every day and having to be on camera and having the makeup artists be like, ‘Oh, what’s going on?’ ” She explains to People. “[My Glee costars] were really supportive. I would always go around and talk about it. It was a point of insecurity for me. But I’m glad I got it fixed, I’ll say that.”

The actress says she has some scarring on her face from the acne, and she credits Proactiv with helping her make the progression of the scarring stop.

She saw an ad for Proactiv and started using the treatments. While she said the treatment wasn’t overnight, over the course of a few months it really did a wonder on her. She said she then contected the company and said she would like to get involved with promoting the product and a match was made.

Would you be more likely to use a product that was endorsed by a celebrity like Naya Rivera?