Farrah Abraham Sits On Santa’s Lap, Slammed For Family Photo

Farrah Abraham may be best known for her role on Teen Mom, but the reality show star has distanced herself from the MTV franchise and ventured down other avenues. Despite that, she is still a popular target for internet users who love to slam her for virtually anything that she does. Although she spent Christmas at home with her family, fans still found something to complain about in a photo Farrah posted to her fanpage.

The photo in question shows Farrah, along with mother Debra and daughter Sophia, celebrating Christmas. The house is adorned with festive decorations, presents appear to be unwrapped, and Farrah is even wearing a festive holiday hat. However, it is something else that Farrah is doing in the photo that has fans complaining – she is on her cell phone.

According to Cambio, many fans took to the comments section of the post to slam Farrah Abraham for being on her phone. Of course, this was only one photo, and while they do say that a picture is worth a thousand words, it is hard to say why Farrah was on her phone. While there are endless reports of parents spending too much time on their cell phones when their children are around, this one photo does not necessarily suggest that Farrah is always on her phone around her daughter. The fact that Debra is looking on as her daughter types suggests that she may be looking something up on her phone or doing something else that was necessary.

Of course, no matter what Farrah says or posts, there will always be people who want nothing more than to slam her. This is nothing new for Farrah — or for any of the Teen Mom stars for that matter. All are accustomed to criticism with nearly any post they publish for the world to see. In Farrah’s case, though, there seems to be more negativity. As the Inquisitr previously reported, the former reality show star was called a “controversial figure in pop culture,” making her both more intriguing to people and more of a target to online bullies.

Despite the criticism, Farrah Abraham seemed to enjoy a happy Christmas with her family. Although she travels a lot for business, the entrepreneur was home for the holidays, spending time with her daughter. She even posted a photo of herself sitting on Santa’s lap, along with her daughter.

Although some reports suggested that Farrah Abraham would be back for an all-new season of Teen Mom, she has denied that she will be back on MTV. Rather, she continues to focus on her other endeavors.

[Image: via Facebook]

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