Farrah Abraham Called ‘Controversial Figure In Pop Culture’

Farrah Abraham has definitely cemented her place in pop culture. The former reality show star began her career on MTV’s 16 and Pregnant, sharing her story with fans. The mother of one had a very gripping story, which helped her gain support from fans. Not only was she young and pregnant but the father of her child passed away in a tragic car accident before their daughter was born. However, any sympathy for Farrah that fans may have dwindled away as her personality was showcased on four seasons of Teen Mom.

After that show ended, Farrah seemed determined to remain in the spotlight, but the path she chose wasn’t exactly one that everyone accepted. Now, two adult films and a line of adult toys later, Farrah appears to be embracing her career in adult entertainment.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Farrah Abraham’s adult tape sequel has been nominated for an award. While the former Teen Mom star has remained quiet about the nomination, a new report says Farrah will be attending the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo for the first time. The expo is held days before the actual awards show, but it is unclear if Farrah will be at the show.

The reality show star turned adult entertainment star was called a “controversial figure in pop culture” by Lynda Mort, the Marketing Director for Private Brands at Topco (the company which markets Farrah’s line of adult toys.)

“We are overjoyed to have Farrah here at the AVN show. She is a controversial figure in pop culture, but the adult industry loves her. People are fascinated by her, and the Farrah Abraham business is very good business. She sells very well.”

There is no doubt that part of the controversy surrounding Farrah likely stems from the fact that she started out on a reality show following pregnant teens, then went into the adult entertainment industry. Of course, no matter how much her former MTV co-stars or even the network disagreed with her choices, Farrah was no longer under contract for Teen Mom and was essentially free to pursue an endeavor that she wanted.

Her decisions may have gained her a huge following in the adult entertainment world, but it also helped to ensure that she would not work with her former co-stars again. The original Teen Mom is filming for an all-new season without Farrah Abraham. While she seems fine with the decision not to be asked back for another season of the show, some fans wonder what the show will be like without her.

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