Santa Claus Caught On Camera: 7-Year-Old Sets Up Hidden Camera On Christmas Eve [Video]

A 7-year-old American boy named Evan has video evidence to prove that Santa Claus exists. He caught Santa Claus on camera on Christmas Eve.

The little boy hit on the idea of setting up a hidden GoPro camera to catch Santa Claus on video dropping gifts under the tree on Christmas Eve, and he hit the jackpot!

Evan was curious. He’d been told that Santa Claus drops gifts for little boys and girls under the tree on Christmas Eve. He’d also been told that it won’t help to stay awake to see Santa because he knows when you aren’t sleeping. Still Evan needed to have his curiosity satisfied. So he devised an alternative plan. Would technology help solve the centuries-old mystery of the old elf? What if he is able to catch Santa on camera? Would Santa Claus know that he was being recorded on video, when he climbs down the chimney to drop gifts under the Christmas tree?

Well, only one way to find out.

Santa In The Living Room
Santa Enters The Living Room

Clever Evan borrowed his brother’s GoPro camera. With his brother’s help, he set up the camera secretly before going to bed on Christmas Eve.

And Santa Claus was caught on camera sneaking into Evan’s living room on Christmas Eve after climbing in through the chimney. The camera caught Santa leaving gifts for the little boy under the Christmas tree.

Santa Claus
Santa Claus Helps Himself To Milk And Cookies While Evan Watches

Now for the first time in history, we have evidence that Santa Claus is real. Little Evan just provided video evidence. But of course, the clever little boy did not guess that his brother and his uncle were in cahoots to ensure that his hidden camera captures the smoking gun evidence he needs to dispel his doubts about Santa.

Uncle Dean Fisher dressed up as the mythical elf to make sure that little Evan was not disappointed.

“His older brother allowed him to use a GoPro; he’s the one hitting record at the start of the video. I went to the house dressed as The Jolly One and did the shoot, then stayed up until 4:00am editing and getting the finished video back onto the GoPro. The 2 hours of sleep was definitely worth it.”

The next morning, after the family had opened Santa’s gifts, they switched on the computer to see what the camera had recorded overnight. At first, nothing appeared on the screen and the boy looked doubtful.

Evan Captures Santa On Camera
Picture of Delight: Evan Couldn’t Believe His Eyes When Santa Claus Appeared on Camera

But then, suddenly, there comes the jingle of bells, clatter of hooves, and footsteps on the roof. Watch Evan sit up as the lights switch on. And behold, Santa Claus appears in a little puff of smoke. The sneaky old elf enters the living room and downs the milk and cookies left for him. Then he walks further into the room and snaps his fingers, making Evan’s Christmas gifts appear in star-spangled magic dust.

But Santa Claus soon notices Evan’s hidden camera. After shaking a disproving finger as warning, he snaps his fingers once again, and magically, the camera shuts down. But Evan wins, because Santa Claus disabled the camera only after it had captured him delivering Evan’s gifts.

Watch Evan’s reaction when he sees Santa appear on the screen. He can’t believe his eyes. He face lights up, he claps his hands together, and high-fives a member of the family.

Evan Celebrates
Victory Dance: EVan High-Fives A Member Of The Family

Evan has made history as the first child to catch the elusive elf on camera. He talks excitedly about what he saw. He expresses hope that Santa Claus would not put him on his naughty list for filming him.

The little boy’s delight evokes nostalgic memories of our own simple childhood delights. But the old elf who has similar deliveries to make to millions of homes worldwide appears rather unhurried, doesn’t he?

The clip showing Santa Claus entering Evan’s living room and dropping gifts under the Christmas tree was uploaded to YouTube by Uncle Dean Fisher, alias Santa Claus, and it has been viewed more than one million times.

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